Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Blueberry Pie Refashioned Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Blueberry Pie Refashioned Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

It's a Mystery.......

GIVE AWAY NOW CLOSED!! THANX FOR ENTERING!!! will get little people to pick a winner when they get in from school and let you know then!!!

Ok, I'm new to all this blogging melarchy and this seems a good way to get you to come visit! Soooo...........
this is my "May Day Giveaway" item! I will say that it is a box and that it's full to the brim with crafty bits and pieces but that's your lot!!

For a chance to win please leave a comment below, anything will do!! and I'll get my pair of random comment pickers (otherwise known as kids) to pick a winner!!

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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Sooo Much to do... So little time!!

My friends, I fear I may have to play hooky for a few days!

I have written a list, it's long, VERY LOONNNGGG!!!

I have huge amounts of nursery stuff to do, rotas, planning, updating registers and the like (not 2 meantion pressure washing 30 chairs!!)

It is my good friend Lisa's sons' birthday party on Saturday for which I have a large "Hot Rod" style birthday cake to make, 2 dozen fairy cakes and crispie cakes! AANNNDDD to top it all off I decided handmade is best and chose to make him a summer shirt as a present! The shirt is cut but not been near the machine yet!!

I will be back with pics and an update when I finally get my head above water!!

Thanks for reading!!


Monday, 25 May 2009

Tidy,Tidy Garden

OK, I'm back from the gardening adventures of yesterday and have just this minute finished putting in the bedding plants and sorting my patio pots out!!

A quick before:And After:

Ahh the bliss of a tidy Garden!!!
For those of you with beady eyes, yes those are nasty blue slug pellets and no I don't like using them!! However for the last couple of years I have tried many other "friendly" methods and have ended up with non exsistent bedding plants and "Lacy" looking Hostas!!
I am afraid the battle against the slimy friends in our garden is a never ending one and for the plants to have even a fighting chance this year I felt there was little alternative!! (Any "friendly" anti-slimy things suggestions are greatfully recieved, but only if they WORK!!!!)

And a little corner of my patio:Will be lush once all the plants fill out!! Good on ya mum for the plant donation! She comes thru a blinder every year!!
I was hoping to get a tad of my ENORMOUS wip list out of the way today as the forcast was for torrential rain, the BBC are still sticking to their guns but it is now 3pm and the Thunder storm we were apparently expecting at 12.30 still has yet to show!

Other Half has decided to deliver yet another broken lawnmower up to his mum's house! His Step-dad needs another broken lawnmower like a hole in the head (which I believe his mum has threatened if any more turn up!!! hee,hee!!) but I suppose hoarding has various manifestations and his is broken gardening equipment that "might come in handy one day" He has taken the munchkins with him and they were only going to be 30 mins or so (2 hours and counting at present) wouldn't mind but we were going to while the afternoon away in our local PH. (conveniently located just 300 yards from our front door!) and I could murder a nice pint of cider!!

On a lighter note look what else my mummy brought me yesterday,Aren't they supper pretty!!!She'd bought them for herself in the sale here, but decided they were more my sort of thing, there are advantages to having the same size feet as your mum!!

Until next time,

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T xxx

Sunday, 24 May 2009

And so to begin......

Ok, so finally I am taking the plunge!
Feels a bit weird writing this when I don't even know if anyone will read it but for now it can be my own private little pleasure!

It's bank holiday weekend here in the UK the weather is astonishing! Check out that sky!! And, lord knows how, I have managed to bag myself a kiddy free day! "How has she managed that? Jammy bugger." I here you ask.

Well, the other half has disappeared off on a family bike ride with the kids, his dad, cousin and brother and mercy me his sister wanted to go to, but she had no bike!! "H can't miss out!" say I, "I'll stay at home and she can use my bike." (mischeiveous sideways glances at this point) "Are you sure?" says other half. "Oh, yes" says I innocently and full of sisterly generosity...... and so double bonus! No hard slog 10 mile bike ride, (we live in the Chiltern hills here people, nothing easy about it!!)and Kiddy free house/garden! Hooray!! I almost felt like doing a little dance as they disappeared down the driveway.

My mum is appearing shortly to help me turn my weed collection, see below, into something vaguely resembling flower beds and lawn!! And then, when the Kiddies etc return, we are heading on up to my parents for a big family BBQ where I don't have to cook or anything!! BLISS!!

We were very busy yesterday putting the final touches to the childrens "Mail Swap" that the girls signed up for, organised by the lovely Christie. Here are the little parcels ready (apart from stamps) to wing their way to the various corners of the globe.

Do you like the little address labels? I got them here, free downloads are such fun!! And here we have the first of ours that arrived already!(someone's a lot more organised than me!!) minus several of the stickers which have already found new homes!
Right guys, gonna have to go as mum has turned up armed with her arsenal of gardening equipment! Wish me luck!! Will keep you all posted.

Thanks for reading!

T xxx