Saturday, 30 April 2011

sooooo very busy!!

Ah ha, FINALLY!!!!! Here we are, or should I say, here I am.

Every intention of getting the bloggy ball rolling again was rather hindered by my computers' decision to get infected by a very nasty and all encompasing virus!!

Thankfully the virus has been dispatched but unfortunatly due to my lack of technical wizardry some things got "lost in transit" so to speak and my collection of 4yrs or more of knitting patterns and recipies have been lost into the ether!! I was very angry at first, then upset, and now resigned to the fact that serendipity has a funny way of having us over and if I REALLY need those recipies/patterns I will find them again!!

Things have been very busy indeed chez Time for T? Monkey1 is now the grand old age of 8!! (WTF?? Where did that go?) and we had a party last saturday to add to the already busy time of Easter and family and school holidays etc.

I am also sort of trying to get my cake making a bit more organised with a view to starting a little business (all my painstacking prep for websites etc also lost in the virus debacle, grrr!!!!!) so hopefully I can get back into the swing of things around here and keep you all in the loop. Documenting the process for my own good is probably also wise to stop me going a bit doolally.

Do you like the cakes?? All made for birthday party meantioned previously. It was a butterflies and bugs theme and I was mostly pleased with how it came out!!

The Cookie pops went with the little parcels at the back as going home favours, I'm super pleased with how they turned out!!

Didn't photograph  the cakes for church but they were identical to last years (scroll down a couple of posts to see).

Just as an aside for all of you with kiddos about the same age out there.......... it would appear that roller boots with light up wheels are THE BEST present ever when you're 8yrs old!!

Photo to follow!!!

Ta, ta for now
T xxx