Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Sooo Much to do... So little time!!

My friends, I fear I may have to play hooky for a few days!

I have written a list, it's long, VERY LOONNNGGG!!!

I have huge amounts of nursery stuff to do, rotas, planning, updating registers and the like (not 2 meantion pressure washing 30 chairs!!)

It is my good friend Lisa's sons' birthday party on Saturday for which I have a large "Hot Rod" style birthday cake to make, 2 dozen fairy cakes and crispie cakes! AANNNDDD to top it all off I decided handmade is best and chose to make him a summer shirt as a present! The shirt is cut but not been near the machine yet!!

I will be back with pics and an update when I finally get my head above water!!

Thanks for reading!!


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