Monday, 1 June 2009

Hellloooo people!!! Thankyou first of all for the overwhelming response to my giveaway!!I can't quite believe the 234, yep count them, 234!!!! comments!! There have been a few requests to see what's in the box, so when the girls get back from school and pick a winner I'll consult with them and let you all see if they're ok with that!!

We've been just a little busy Chez "Time for T?" this past week!! The weather has been un-blinking- believable for the UK esp as in the hols it's ALWAYS rubbish but this week has been marvelous!!

We had matching Holiday toe nails on Weds; The girls LOVE having their toes painted and I only let them in the holidays so I'm surprised it took until Weds for them to remind me!!!

I've made a small (and I mean small) dent in my WIPS and got this finished;
I used a pattern from here, it's made from a cotton/linen mix and I'm not sure that was a sensible choice for a 6yr old but I'm pleased with how it turned out! I changed it about a bit and added some details;
Little tab over the pocket and tabs on the sleeves, plus I used the contast fabric and added a collar stand inside and used it to finish the bottom (inside hem) as well. The other little detail was this;
A little hand embroidered label with the recipients name!! (scuse the blurry photo, my camera is deceased so I'm taking pics with my phone at the mo!!)Good job I got it done Thursday as his birthday party was on Saturday!! And I also had this to make for it;
He is MASSIVELY into Hot Wheels so his mum requested this for him! Wanna see a close up??I'm quite pleased with it but it was an awkward shape to cover with ready roll icing and you can really see the joins on the side, see;
The side windows are a bit out of proportion too but he was very happy! It even had his name on the number plate but I forgot to photograph the back!!!

We also got time on Friday to meet one of my best friends for a spot of this;

Not the same as homemade ones but a lot less washing up!!!!!! The chocolate ones didn't go down too well with the kids which is VERY unusual, they had a wierd gooey centre that they weren't keen on!!

After the busyness of Saturday (I helped set up the party, as well as make 24 choc cupcakes and 24 crispie cakes) I was looking forward to a bit of R&R and then remembered that Monkee2 had another party to attend!! I coped out and bought some lego!!

After dropping off Monkee2 I went up2 otherhalfparents house with Monkee1 and finally got a bit of this done;
There are a few more of these than here, this is the "cold" colourway and I'm going for a checkerboard effect with the other "warm" colourway (that I haven't started yet) I was going to do a cream border around every square before joining them together BUT my inspiration for this blanket was Lucy at Attic24 and she ditched her white border, see here, so now I'm not sure, perhaps cream will be softer? Maybe I'll do a few with and see if I like it? What do you think?

Finally after picking up Monkee2 we got home and otherhalf suggested pub, so Me, Monkee1, Monkee2 and otherhalf and otherhalfsmate went and had a couple of pints in our local pub garden (yep the one that we can walk to from our front door in 3 mins flat!) and played lots of hide and seek and running games!!
They need to tidy up the garden as the last landlord left it in a right state when he left but at least now the kids don't have to dodge the dog poop!!

Right, I'm off 2 finish all my nursery admin!! Back later this eve with a winner!! Yay!!!

Thanks for reading

T xxx

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