Saturday, 10 April 2010

trying (and failing) to be consistent!!!!!

Hello all!!
I have taken the time to do a rather picture heavy tutorial for the Easter cakes (yes I know I'm late!!) but will post that tomorrow as it needs a bit of organising!!

Easter has proved to be a rather busy time for us and the monkeys 1&2 are now on Easter holidays (one week down, one more to go!!) This golden wedding cake for a friends parents hasn't help but add to the fray but I'm ever so pleased how it turned out!!!
I'm especially pleased with the flowers, considering I couldn't make this until the evening before as it's a fresh cream vic sponge and I was still making flowers at 1am I think it turned out just fine!!

I finished the girls' Easter dresses with time to spare BUT neglected to take photos and also forgot to take pics of the dress I made for myself!!

These will follow soon!! I will get some pix now the sun has come out. Ohh sunshine, how I love the energy boost and lifted spirits that the spring sunshine brings! I do not however love the mudpies, soggy feet and 6 changes of clothes in one day that it signifies with those kiddo's!! Ah well a small price to pay for such blissful weather!!

We're off to Henley with otherhalfsmother this afternoon and I have knitting to be getting on with!!

See you all tomorrow!!

T xxx

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  1. Hi T,
    How are you, just flying by great to see you at the weekend!
    HuGs Kim :)