Monday, 30 November 2009

Oh how very sorry I am!!

I have been lurking and reading and occasionally commenting but dear people I have neglected to blog since June!!!!!

JUNE for crying out loud!! That's too bad for words!

Must go to work now this evening, but will return with all my bits and bobs and announcements ASAP.( and this time I don't mean in six months time!!)

Love to you all who are still persevering with me!!

T xxx


  1. Those of us who have you in our RSS readers don't mind a pause :) Glad you're back!

  2. Aloha! It's great you started a blog. Don't worry about how long you have in between posts, just blog when you feel like it. After all, no-one wants an albatross round their neck, do they?!

    Happy blogging!

    Emily (

  3. Hi! I hope you are going to post more again soon! I would love to see what you are making with the Japanese books!!! I hope it is coming along well!
    Hugs from Emily

  4. Thanks to you all for the encouragement!!
    I'm back and posting!! YAY!!

    Emily as per your request, my 1st project from the japanese books is featured above, hope you like it!!!

    Thanks again guys.

    T xxx