Saturday, 20 February 2010

Better late than Never!!

HELLLLOOOOOO!!!! (que vast echo returning from the depths of blogland!)

Ok, I am back and the idea is to try and post every Sat from here on in!! (perhaps a little ambitious but I need to set myself a target and get back on track!!)

At the moment I should really be working but hey ho! It can wait half an hour!!

I have contnued to lurk and read and comment but I have also been busy knitting and sewing etc.

My friends are all a few years behind me in the "baby-baking" phase of life but have all decided to catch up in quick succession, resulting in 4 babies being born between November and now with another 2 due later this year.
What does this mean?........ LOTS of baby gifts.

Now unfortunately I did not have time to knit gifts for these babies in the way I have done for the 2 that arrived a couple of years ago eg...

With the due dates so close to each other and coupled with my new job that started in November (more on that another time!) I didn't have time to knit so I jumped in the deep end and not being one to shy away from a challenge I decided to make them quilts! (No I have not done this before......perhaps with hindsight embarking on a completely new craft when time pressure is on was not THE most sensible of plans but as I said nought like a challenge, I can difficult can it be??)

The first one I made I neglected to take photo's of when finished( see people, stop blogging and you stop photographing the crafty evidence!!!) but I have these of the work in progress and of the finished embroidered label.

The second I only managed to take photo's as I went out the door so they're not great, sorry!!
for some reason blogger keeps rotating this picture when i download it!! My computer expertise doesn't stretch to fixing it! SORRY!!
However, I am sooo very pleased with how these came out and I have officially been bitten by the quilting bug. I also made them burp cloths bibs and shoes to match as little recieving sets but I neglected to photograph them either!!

In other news I purchased some Japanese Craft books from this lovely lady in January and wipped this little jacket up from this book,

It's for my eldest and ended up a little tight round the armpits but that may also be because I fully lined the whole thing instead of just the hood, but that makes it......

reversible!! She prefers to wear it "Birds out" rather than "birds in" as intended but that's all good with me! At nearly seven I'm grateful she is still happy to wear "mummy made" items, she makes a big point of it too.."see this jacket? See how Beeauuutiful it is?? My Mummy MADE IT!!!!" (kind of in a nah-na-na-nah-na voice) Cracks me up everytime!!

Well I think that will do for now, before I bore you all to tears. Have loads more to recap and loads more planned too so here's to finding bloggy time for me this year!!!

In the meantime a little love for you all in the form of the card I made theotherhalf for V. Day..

Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

T xxx

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