Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Pardon? I thought you said Saturday??

I Know, I said Saturdays, but I'm not sleeping well at the moment and blogging is a good way to while away the time! I spend far too much time reading and not enough time sharing!!

I am in the midst of mothers day presents at the moment, both knitted. The first is for my mum and is finished other than the blocking.

The pattern is from the incredibly talented Ysolda and the wool (merino/silk blend) is from the equally talented Laura.

I swear this yarn is just a dream to work with!! Incidentally the colour is more like the skeined photo's than the dodgy ones taken on my phone camera!!!!

The second is for theotherhalf's mother and again the wool is from Laura (this time a lace weight used double) and the pattern is one I discovered on ravelry by never not knitting.This picture is lifted from the pattern, I'm working it in the deep purple colour above but it's late and I can't get any decent pictures of my WIP due to lack of light and/or decent camera!!!!

Both patterns have been quick and relatively easy to knit and I'm almost finished which may actually mean that I have time to make a mothers day something for myself ;)

Here's hoping!!


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