Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A Bit of This and That

Hello everyone, I must apologise for the absence the last week or so!! Two poorly kiddies later and I'm back in business!!

We had a busy mothers day weekend this past weekend and I managed to get my mothers day scarves finished!! Hooray!!
(No pic of the other as Otherhalfsmother is in Egypt at the mo and don't want her to see before she gets it!!)
Even mine. (well it was blocked at about 11pmish on Sunday night so that constitutes on time doesn't it???) Will have to take some better pictures as these were mostly taken in the dark.....

We also did some baking, hooray for kiddy friendly baking. Especially when they look like this when finished.

Bowl Licked Clean.......

Spoon Licked Clean......
Happy little girls!!!
Dead easy to make, recipie available if you like.......would you like??
These were the final result and we took them to Church on Sunday to raise some extra money for CAFOD, win, win!!

I also had two friends' with birthdays so I whipped up some homemade truffles,

I had extras so they were distributed amongst the mummy's closest to me and went down very well by all intents and purposes( again excuse the pics, taken at night again!!)

I wanted to pretty them up a bit so when gift wrapped they looked like this.....
And like this...........
Do you like my funky craft scissor rack?? You do!!..............They're not the best quality but they do the job and create some lovely shaped edges, like on the chocolate menu cards above. They seem to work best on card or thicker paper, normal paper is a bit tricky! However I think they were about £8 for the set and you get what you pay for, right??? Here's a close up.

£8 for 12 pairs of scissors in lovely pretty colours can't be bad!!! (I'd link them but my Mum found them and can't remember where she got them from, just the price!!)

Finally I have started Easter dresses for the girls based on this pattern in the most recent BWOF,
The fabric I'm using is a beutiful ivory Chiffon with a black floral print and a small amount of black embellishment, they're gonna look fabulous (I hope!!!)
I have pictures of fabric but they're on my old phone at the mo which is now deceased, so short of some technical wizardry I will have to take some more!!!

Will have to disappear for now but hope to be back soon with good pictures and details of Easter frockery (is that a word?? mmmm, not sure, but I like it so it can stay!!!)

T xxx


  1. I'd love the recipe for the chocolate "nests" -- looks great!

  2. me too i would love to have that recipe they are really cute, thanks

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